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Click the project names to view project information and pictures. Residences at Taylor Mountain Taylor Mountain Estates 155 Melville Jackson Street, San Francisco The Chateau, South Lake Tahoe

We constantly monitor the schedule to assure that major milestones are met and the project remains on schedule. Time is money and anything that impacts the schedule needs to be clearly identified and justified. Part of our weekly site meeting is to direct the contractor to submit revised schedules when the project is impacted by

Selecting the right contractor is essential to the success of your project. Contractor Manager will assist in interviewing and pre-qualifying contractors for you. Spending the last decade working with hundreds of contractors of all trades has given us the knowledge and expertise you need in selecting the best contractor for your project. 

Managing the bid process is a momentous step in the timeline of any project. The success or failure of a project can often rest upon contractor selection and ensuring the entire scope of the design documents is covered. In addition, all public bids must be held in the strictest accordance of the law.

It is important to ensure that all stakeholders of the construction project are living up to their expectations set before its start. This service typically encompasses the entire construction timeline, as we diligently monitor and enforce contractual requirements. Ensuring total invested capital is equal to the value of the project is a fundamental expectation.

Only paying for goods you have received, or work that has been completed, seems like a basic concept in construction. However, often payment requested is not equal to the current equity of the project. Maintaining the balance between completed work and capital dispersed is integral in the financial health of your project, as it leaves

Throughout the course of your project you will have hundreds of people participating in some aspect of it. Making sure everyone is carrying the proper insurance coverage will drastically reduce your exposure. We will have a designated person responsible for maintaining all the policies from each vendor or subcontractor. We will also ensure

Ultimately, almost all projects will have change orders. A change order is when a contract must perform work at an extra cost on the project which was not expected. Contractor Manager will ensure no change order work is approved or paid until the contractor has gone through the proper channels. All change orders need to

Part of our many weekly site visits will be to continually evaluate the contractor’s safety practices and look for any potentially hazardous situations. Any hazardous situation will be documented and reported to the contractor and project manager. Safety practices start now, even

Closing out a construction project is a daunting task. Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O & M’s) must be collected, punch lists finalized, and contracts must be closed out. Contractor Manager can guide you every step of the way through this process. We collect and review O & M’s and closely monitor the punch list operation.