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Contractor Manager Inc. is designed to meet all your business needs. As an Owner’s Representative we work as a direct liason between you and the contractor. Our construction administartion expertise will greatly reduce risk and give you piece of mind that a team of experts are managing your investment.

When representing contractors, We allow contractors of all trades to outsource services like bookkeeping, billing, invoicing, payroll, bill payments, bid proposals, mail processing and secured data storage.

With Contractor Manager our clients reduce overhead by eliminating the need for expensive offices, bookkeepers, office managers, or clerical staff.

Stop spending hours every week signing check after check and paying bill after bill. No more time-consuming invoicing or billing of clients. Contractor Manager can handle all your company’s bills through our efficient bill pay systems.

We will pay all your bills directly as you approve them to be paid. We send you a weekly itemized invoice of what is due and you decide who and how much to pay. You will have total control of an efficient business system.

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About The Owner

Will Oswald is the founder and president of Contractor Manager Inc. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended college in Southern California. Will also served in the United States Air Force as a firefighter. In the years to follow he held two very exciting careers in both the fire service and construction management. This was the foundation of what has become and exciting and rewarding career in almost every aspect of running a highly successful construction management company.

Serving as a firefighter in the United States Air Force in the first Gulf War and becomming a Desert Storm Veteran. He was awarded the Joint Service Achievement Medal by the United States Secretary of Defense for a heroic rescue of 75 people trapped in a burning aircraft. Will went on to earn multiple awards for life saving measures during his 20 year career in the fire service as a Firefighter Paramedic with the San Francisco Fire Department.

The Fire Department’s schedule of working 2/24 hour shifts per week allowed Will to concurrently pursue a career in the construction industry. In 1992 he was hired as the business manager and controller for a highly successful Bay Area construction company and over the next 15 years helped develop and grow it into one of San Francisco’s premier builders in both residential and commercial construction.

Over the years he was surprised to repeatedly hear the same horror stories about contractors and tradesman struggling to find good and affordable bookkeeping and administrative help. He listened to stories of embezzlement and mismanagement leading to financial hardships and unnecessary bankruptcies. He knew there must be a better solution to a problem plaging the industry.

In 2006 while working at the fire department he suffered a major spinal injury that required surgery and ultimately left him permanently disabled. As a result, he was forced to retire from the San Francisco Fire Department. It was this foundation of honesty, integrity and hard work that led him to start his own company and continue pushing forward with his goals.

As it became apparent that the industry lacked a standard for construction bookkeeping, business management and quality owner’s representation services, Will decided to develop an efficient back office solution for owner’s and contractors of all trades. This state of the art system allows contractors and tradesmen to focus on what they do best, while providing peace of mind that a trustworthy and highly skilled team of professionals is managing their business.

Consequently, he founded Contractor Manager Inc. (CM) on this premise; that he could provide an economical solution to the construction industry by offering services that reduce the need for administrative overhead and provide a systematic solution to running their administrative and accounting infrastructures.

Contractor Manager has quickly taken the construction industry by storm and is currently managing dozens of Bay Area construction companies as well as providing high level owner’s representation services on projects throughout the U.S. Will’s determination, perseverance and integrity are the foundation of Contractor Manager.