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Many clients tell us that tracking their expenses, billing and payments is the one task that always seems to take a back seat. That’s why we offer complete data entry and bookkeeping services. We prefer QuickBooks® Contractor Edition software for the professional accounting needs of our clients.


Contractor Manager will enter your bills as they are received. Each week we will produce an itemized unpaid bills detail for you to review. You tell us what to pay and when to pay it. We understand that cash-flow is everything in construction. We are extremely well versed in how to effectively manage these issues


Our payroll services include a full range of payroll and tax related services. Many of our clients prefer the convenience of direct deposit paychecks for their employee’s. For this reason we use QuickBooks direct deposit services. Our staff can process your payroll and handle all tax related filings. We can also


Let us help you prepare your next bid or estimate quickly, easily and professionally. We can be preparing your next bid while you continue managing your current projects. Contact us for more details.


Contractor Manager can help you manage all of your billing and invoicing needs. For each invoice, we provide a detailed breakdown of services rendered with progress or T&M payments clearly spelled out so your clients know exactly what their payment includes. If you are a subcontractor or tradesman we can invoice the homeowner or general contractor


We receive your daily business and immediately process it into your accounting file. It can then be scanned, saved in PDF format and transferred into our server for storage.


Each month CM will reconcile all business credit cards and bank statements. All reconciliation reports are kept on file and readily available for our clients to review.


Contractor Manager subscribes to several job lead and referral services. We have multiple projects at any given time that are only available to our clients to bid. We are constantly working to inform our clients about potential sources of work. We also have a large database of architects that refer projects to us, for our


We protect your business by backing up and digitally storing all of your critical business documents. We routinely scan, store and back up all your day-to-day records and files, so they’re organized and accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. All company mail and business documents are stored and protected with state of the art


CM can help you find, secure and manage your insurance policies at the best available rates. We can make payments for your workers’ compensation insurance, general liability, bid bond, commercial auto, or any other insurance requirements. We will complete the necessary paperwork and make sure premiums are paid on time.


Contacting customers who owe money can be a tremendous strain on your time and resources. We can help your business retrieve outstanding debts without the burden of doing it yourself. Let us contact delinquent clients and recover money on your behalf as your collection representative.